Guided Meditations

Three Minute Breathing Space

Three Minute Breathing SpaceMindful Living SD
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This practice is designed to help you step out of automatic pilot, move into the present moment, and slow down so you’re able to respond more skillfully to stressful situations.  The intention is to create more space in which to respond to stress instead of reacting to stress.

Awareness of Breath

Awareness of BreathMindful Living SD
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This practice focuses your attention on the physical sensations of breathing.  If you are new to meditation, you might start here.  The intention is to practice noticing when your attention moves away from breathing to something else and then gently, kindly bringing your attention back to the breath.

Body Scan

Body ScanMindful Living SD
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This practice is usually done lying down but can also be practiced while standing or sitting.  The practice has the potential of cultivating a deep relaxation, but the intention is to observe the presence or absence of bodily sensations without changing anything, while also trying to let go of judgments.

RAIN (inspired by Tara Brach)

RAIN (inspired by Tara Brach)Mindful Living SD
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This practice RAIN stands for: Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nurture. The intention is to focus and move our attention in a specific, systematic way that helps us to through stressful moments. You can use the RAIN practice as a complete meditation.  Alternatively, you can use this method as needed during stressful moments or whenever challenging feelings arise.  Pro tip: practice with a situation that is mildly uncomfortable not one that’s overwhelmingly stressful.