Meet Melissa

Melissa Taylor
L.C.S.W & Mindful Meditation Teacher

My name is Melissa Taylor and my passion is making mindfulness accessible to underserved communities. Practicing mindfulness creates a sense of ease and helps us to meet life’s challenges in a way that promotes overall health and wellness. It’s an empowering practice that helps you reconnect with your natural capacity to meet life with kindness, openness, and flexibility. I’m a mindfulness meditation teacher, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Social Justice change agent and I’d love to guide you on this journey.


My approach is based on my own personal mindfulness practice and my clinical experience providing mental health treatment to underserved communities. One size does not fit all. My strength is working with folks to identify and maximize their inherent strengths and resources while also creatively overcoming obstacles.  


There is a Zulu proverb called Ubuntu that says: “I am a person through other people. My humanity is tied to yours.”


I am devoted to using mindfulness to help uplift, transform and empower the African American experience. We are stronger together through connection and community building, we all have the ability to feel our own strength, discover our resilience, and most of all, empower our own healing.   


We all have the ability to be mindful, we just need a safe space for Black folks and people of color to experience truly grounded mindfulness and healing. That place is here.